To : 권 유리 & 소녀시대

Day by day… You always make me smile with your hapiness, your smile, your laugh, and your sexy and cool style. Everything you always make me smile. Although I never meet you by a person, i still not stop praying for you. My biggest Idol, you’ve stolen my heart, you’ve made my life felt really COMPLETE when you all 9 Angels are together. I really thankful to GOD that i can meet and know you in my whole LIFE. I really really thankful to GOD that give me 9 Angels named Girls’ Generation (소녀시대) and I’m proud to be PART OF SONE (소원) and part of Yurisistable 🙂

I will always in love with you and forever, Kwon Yuri…
I will always loving you, and supporting you, in my whole LIFE, Girls’ Generation..

지금은, 앞으로도, 영원히 소녀 시대 ♥

사랑해요 소녀시대 ^^


A sone : Nurul Anisa (kkabnyss)